In the last 30 years the instruments of the violin family made by the famous 18th century masters have become so expensive that today  only  banks or foundation endowments can buy them. The violin is no longer just an instrument to play; it has become a speculative commodity. Todays ambitious, demanding professional only has two possibilities: either to buy a modern instrument or to begin

...the exciting search for the underestimated masters!
In the last 250 years there have been violin makers throughout Europe who have made quality instruments that have unjustly stood in the shadow of their famous colleagues from Cremona. They were often masters who worked in small workshops, making  relatively few instruments that have been rarely traded in the course of their history. For the most part, these were superb sounding instruments. Thus they were not sold; instead, some musician nurtured and cherished the instruments for a lifetime. The price of our unrecognized masters instrument is dependent on two rules of the marketplace. Firstly, prices go up when instruments trade hands. Secondly, only the Italian brand is truly valuable. The results: the Middle European art of violin making has yielded instruments of the highest quality that can still be bought at a comparatively reasonable price.

This is what I intend to to change!
It is not where the instrument was made, it is the skill of the craftsmanship that makes it exceptional. That is why I have made it my mission to offer an alternative to overrated and overpriced string instruments. My goal is a reasonable relationship between price and quality. There is a market for reasonably priced string instruments of the highest quality.