An antique instrument should not just sound magnificent; it should also be a good investment. My experience and expertise are the bases for a reliable and honest consultation. Along with antique cellos, I also trade in violins and violas and meet the highest standards by consulting music colleagues who are experts in the field.

What you should expect from me:

  • Intensive consultation!

    I will sensitively and competently accompany you as you search for your dream instrument. The search is often tedious and stressful, but together we will find the right instrument for you.
  • Provenance research!

    The exchange of information with leading experts in researching the historical background of original antique instruments is an integral part of my expertise.
  • Certificates and appraisals!

    All my instruments are sold with recognized certificates and certified appraisals.
  • Restoration!

    Every instrument  for sale has been brought  into perfect playing condition by the Munich violin maker Stephan Teichmann and the restorer Alex Schilbach from Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Tonal fine-tuning!

    As a musician I know how much the sound quality of an instrument depends on its tonal adjustment. I devote the greatest attention to this work.